Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Video Clip: Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche in David Mackenzie's Spread

Check it out: Entertainment Weekly has posted the first video clip from David Mackenzie's Spread. In the scene which you can watch via this link, Ashton makes his moves on Anne Heche.

Related: The Hollywood Reporter (also now picked up by Reuters) has an interesting piece on the sales of films and the upcoming Sundance film festival. To my great dismay, the piece uses the crap "r" word description of this movie as it notes: Ashton Kutcher's off-kilter raunch comedy "Spread"and Kevin Spacey's drama "Shrink" also have strong prefestival hype."

Pre-festival hype? Really? Speaking as one who has been writing and closely following the progress of the film, I sure as hell havent seen many others engaged on this-save for the pap photos, and scant few bloggers...despite the use of that pathetic "raunchy" word pfffffffffffffTTTTT! Aw welll, maybe that will change and there will be more magazine/entertainment tonight type coverage, but I am assuming they are talking private marketing for the film somehow, and hoping the film will get picked up by others (and does not get slammed in the reviews!)

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