Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picture Post!

Bits and bobs:

Tickets for the screening of David Mackenzie's Spread at Sundance are SOLD OUT

Jamie Bell has been busy attending screenings galore for Defiance (me on the film-disappointment, but Jamie was good) He was just in LA last week and then high tailed it home to NYC for a screening last night-looking fierce here I think! Slew of photos available via Getty
Meanwhile, Sunday was the Golden Globes of course and Ashton and Demi were there looking unfairly lol gorgeous! what a handsome couple they make! I will say I like Ashton with that dread beard thing hes got going on-rather like handsome Mr. Mackenzie of late too :D Lets see if they both still have them this weekend at Sundance!

Finally, Congratulations to Colin Farrell for what I think
is a well deserved win at the Golden Globes for his
turn IN Bruges! While Ive never been one who has been
all agog over his looks, I actually do think some of his
performances are usually good-have seen almost all of his films, and am of course really looking forward
to Triage with Jamie Sives this year. I do hope Mr. Farrell has laid his demons to rest and can happily get on with peace and happiness in his life, for it seems to be working as I rather enjoyed the quirky In Bruges, so I am hoping this bodes well for a great performance/film in Triage too! :)


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  2. Hey I was watching the Golden Globes and I was, like, 'OMG Demi looks UNBELIVABLE'!!!

    I'm so envious that you guys will see Spread in a few days and I won't... Hope I'll be able to do it later when it's released in Europe or something.. :)

    P.S. Jamie Bell looks like errr mr.Tumnus with this beardish kinda thing LOL. Just a little bit. In a nice kind of way of course