Saturday, January 24, 2009

Video of Alastair Mackenzie in Murdoch Mysteries Now Online!

More excellent news tonight, this regarding the wonderful Alastair Mackenzie. Last year we learned Al was to make a special appearance on the hit Canadian program Murdoch Mysteries. That episode will be the season opener, when series 2 begins on February 10

The official website for the show states "The brand new second series begins when Murdoch teams up with a Scotland Yard investigator (played by Monarch Of The Glen's Alastair Mackenzie) who thinks the serial killer that is causing havoc in Toronto is none other than Jack The Ripper."

LOL sorry couldnt resist ;p

Even better, you can see a preview of the episode called "Snakes and Ladders" with
VIDEO OF ALASTAIR in his role as Detective Edward Scanlon

SO HAPPY! I can't wait to watch this! The world absolutely needs more Al in it on our screens and tvs, this is just aces! xxxxxx


  1. Gosh he is GORGEOUS!!!!
    (or naybe it's just my present state... I find all the men attractive and also some women.. That won't be long, but now I'm just looking at his picture and giggling as a teenage idiot :D)

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Sue! It's so nice to have your blog, since I by the time being don't have much time surfing for news myself :-)

    Helegis, it's not just your present state, he IS gorgeous!!!

    (25" snow is a lot of snow....)

  3. Hi Marit! Yay so glad you stopped by and thanks so much for the nice words!

    Ladies I quite agree, Alastair looks great, and Im going to try and record this if I can get it! Looks really good-but then again anytime Al is on the screen is definitely GOOD! :)

  4. Sue, you're so lucky it's going to be aired in the States. I'm not going to find this on TV here in Norway. I'll just have to wait for the DVD to come out. (Hopefully, there will BE a DVD.)


  5. Interesting... are there lots of attractive guys in Sctoland? I mean I have a feeling I REALLY WANNA GO THERE!!!!!! LOL

  6. Oh gosh, Alastair Mackenzie in a cravat. *swoon* Google image search, you have served me well today! :D