Saturday, January 24, 2009

Streaming Sounds of Franz Ferdinand Recorded at Film City Glasgow!

Check it out! Franz Ferdinand are now streaming their new CD Tonight via their MySpace page here (free-go enjoy it!)

Blather perhaps, but I really can't contain my joy at the press mentions of the band and details of their recording the disc at the wonderful FILM CITY GLASGOW, home of course to Sigma Films :) Dorkish of epic proportions to be certain, but I gotta say when I read articles such as the ones in the Scotsman and the List, not to mention earlier this week from the Evening Times!, which talk about FCG and Sigma and David , I get a big stupid grin on my face, (not the least of which I was writing about this months ago and now look! woooooop!!! ) * goes and dances , despite a cold and decidedly un-chic in my furry slippers and flannel pjs late in the morning*

Must read Articles: The List..."

You’ve basically built an entire studio complex in the bowels of this beautiful old building in Govan?

Bob Hardy, bass Yeah, its a great place. Nick [McCarthy, guitars and keyboards] found it. David MacKenzie the filmmaker has his office down here. There’s a great buzz. The building ended up being intrinsic to the recording process.

The Scotsman

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