Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Press Previews on "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher

More press previews today regarding David Mackenzie's Spread, which will be debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend in Utah. In contrast to the blather from yesterday, the always intelligent Salon has a piece on the festival, and notes while things have been scaled down this year, there are several films again this year of note, including Spread. Quotage:

"Spread" Let's not oversell this; I'll just give you the ingredients. Ashton Kutcher as a Hollywood gigolo, Anne Heche as his affluent middle-aged client, and an underappreciated British director (David Mackenzie of "Asylum" and "Mister Foe") with a tremendous sense of style. That should do it, right? We're good on this one? Hot damn.

One might recall that the writer for Salon has been very very positive about David and the films coming out of Sigma, including mentioning Hallam Foe as a film of the year so fingers crossed there will be some positive reviews coming out of the screenings in the next few days!

Related: Variety, LA Times on the business of trying to sell the films at the festival, with barest of mentions on Spread needing a US distributor

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