Friday, January 16, 2009

A-Lert! Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche and the Spread at Sundance Begins!

A-Lert everyone! Coverage of David Mackenzie's Spread at Sundance is beginning, thanks to that shy fellow Ashton Kutcher lol, as there are photos of his departure for the prestige film festival in Utah now available.

You can also see photos of his Spread co-star Anne Heche too-with her latest boyfriend I think leaving from the same airport as Ashton. I assume this is all due to his 24HoursatSundance reality competition event he's launched.

At first I absolutely admit I thought this was yet another lame gimmick, but to be honest and give credit where credit is due-it's proving to be a very clever, engaging thing, and there does seem to be a fair bit of people participating-not all smart asses either, so this is something I intend to follow.

Via the Qik website, you can see all the competing bloggers videos, as well as those from Ashton, and his co-host and co producer on this, Kevin Rose the guy behind Digg, which is such a HUGE success. Anyway, videos are also available via YouTube too, and there is one online now of Ashton having apparently survived his trip on the above jet and arrived safely in Park City for the festival. (Note: the embed url from Qik is screwed up, and it wont allow me to post it here, not on youtube yet either sorrry! blurg :( ) UPDATE: Here is a different, yet hilarious one of the jetsetter arriving in high style, champagne and all lol

Right, well I do so hope they will be showing footage of the Spread event- PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH DAVID if he's hip to it please please please!

Related: Ashton and his wife wont be hanging too long in Utah, as they are going to be in DC for the Inaugural of Barak Obama as our next president YAYAY! I dunno if I will see them there its really possible-more likely then Sundance heh, but as Ashton noted he is doing something for the event, and they are due to be at Oprahs event, then later the NY Times says they are going to Arianna Huffington's party-I LOVE DC, my old stomping grounds and all of this means great days ahead!

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