Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anne Heche on David Mackenze: A Wonderful Director

Blurgh-meant to post this below, but I am made of fail lately (struggling with a cold and the affects of my past wild child life must be catching up on and taking a toil on my ancient brain cells jeesh!)

Access Hollywood has their video online from the premiere of Spread. In the video, you can see a surprisingly modest (or at least I thought) Ashton, as well as hear comments from Anne Heche who praises the director of Spread, Sigma's own David Mackenzie, calling him wonderful-you betcha!

Also, Screen Daily has their review online, WHICH IS ACTUALLY A GOOD REVIEW! heh
Celebrated Scottish film-maker David Mackenzie makes a seamless transition to US movies with the delicious Spread, a darkly comic insight into the beautiful hustlers (male and female) of Los Angeles which is a starring vehicle for Ashton Kutcher in the role he was born to play. Smart, witty and acerbic, this visually playful cocktail of sex and opportunism should easily sell in the US (interest was high at Sundance following its Saturday world premiere) and has numerous marketing hooks for potential distributors around the world ­- not least of which is the image of a partially clad Kutcher as the consummate Hollywood grifter....

Mackenzie makes full use of the relentlessly blue skies, dreamlike swimming pools and distant cityscapes to capture the city's sterile coldness...Mackenzie fills the film with aggressive but soulless sex scenes which suit the mood of self-gratification at the heart of the drama."****
Now this is what I like to hear! :D

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