Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Video Interview: Ashton Kutcher Talks David Mackenzie and "Spread"


There is a video interview online with actor Ashton Kutcher who talks about his new film "Spread" and (more importantly to me lol) director David Mackenzie. Gracefully answering unfortunately routine questions from the host at the Sundance Channel, along with fellow cast mates Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva, Ashton discusses one scene that is getting a lot of blog talk-that of a montage of sex scenes with co-star Anne Heche. Saying that David wanted this film to be like a dance, my faith was restored here as Mr. Kutcher said (to roughly paraphrase) that it is not merely sex scenes but one when you see how sex is used as a weapon in a relationship-which we've seen in one form or another previously by David. A bland interview, an opportunity lost here, but unfortunately one that is par for the course I fear this is the type of thing we will see going onward with this movie (again the questions were so so eh I cant bear these and wishing I could do one... I am praying that bloggers will be given a chance to interview him or my dream to actually interview David for more than 3 minutes god)

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