Monday, January 26, 2009

Sigma Strands of Seven?

Seven...that is my number for the day... follow....

1) IFC has an interesting article online with a hodgepodge of review on Spread, many which have been posted here. Of note and new however is a link to the excellent moviecitynews blog entry which I totally missed doh, and a new 15 minute interview with Spread star Ashton Kutcher. In this honest articulate and interesting piece, the star speaks to the bravery of his female co-stars in taking on the roles they did, and working with director David Mackenzie...

....2) the casting director David Mackenzie has used in the past, Kahleen Crawford, is hard at work, now seeking actors for a film set in Scotland, to be directed by Alfonso Cuaron. who. I. love. (and hes a terrible charming flirt oy and sooo talented *sigh*) Kahleen was quoted recently:

Last night Kahleen Crawford — the Scottish casting director for the flick — invited any budding actors to apply for the amazing opportunity.

She said: “We are currently looking for a Scottish boy to play the lead in the film, it’s a really exciting prospect for a young person. “We’re keen to consider boys who have never had any acting experience as well as those who have professional credits – we’re open to fresh, raw talent from Scotland. We will cast someone who is 16 by April this year or he could be a bit older, but will need to look 14 or 15.”

3)Kahleen cast Ewan Bremner for a part in Hallam Foe, he is also starring in the MySpace created film "Faintheart" which is screened free in the UK, and online. It was awesome. bootlegs abound but fear not for it is out in a few days on DVD....

4)the DVD of Somers Town, starring the awesome Kate Dickie (Sigma's Red Road, upcoming Donkeys) is out now.

On Kate's agent's page, it notes she is filming in Ireland and Scotland for two new films. She is with the same agent who also reps Martin Compston...

5) Martin Compston is featured in the new film The Damned United, which also features Colin Harris who is the lead in Colin Kennedy's new short film I Love Luci. You can see the new trailer for the film which features the excellent Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall here via You Tube.

6) On YouTube you can also see work by Morag Mckinnon, director of the very good short film "Home"

Morag will be a featured guest at the Glasgow Film Festival, speaking as part of the FROM SHORTS TO FEATURES special on Saturday, February 14 (Valentines day aww :D). Although now at work on a new feature, Morag is of course making her feature with Rounding Up Donkeys...part of Sigma's Advance Party Films...

7) ADVANCE PARTY 2?? Seven films, seven directors? What is the buzz with this?

As posted on the Sigma films website" 2009 is a big year. The premier of David Mackenzie's latest film Spread (Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche) starts the year for us at Sundance. Quickly following is the 59th Berlinale and the launch of an even more ambitious Advance Party 2 with a slate of 7 films from debut writer/directors from across Europe.

!!!! WOOT! Now this sounds interesting as hell! Wonder what the scheme is with this? Will they complete the third of the first Advance Party trilogy (I swear I did, I wrote a fan fiction/outline of a script for the characters in Red Road lol they better finish it off! I cant wait ot see Rounding up donkeys-no word on/if 3 will actually happen, but hope springs eternal. Especially with the news as seen on both Sigma and the UK Film council that Sigma has recieved some serious cash to move forward- hopefully on this and perhaps involving ALL OF SIGMA on these projects -fingers crossed

even better

A NEW BLOG HAS APPEARED ON GET YOUR PEOPLE bearing the Advance Party 2 logo

WHAT ARE YOU UP TO COLIN ???? The plot thickens! wheeeee :)))))))

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