Monday, January 19, 2009

Richard Jobson's New Town Killers Starring Alastair Mackenzie to Screen at Glasgow Film Festival

Huge treat for us today, courtesy of director Richard Jobson, who has done a major update on his personal site. forgive this but in true fantwit fashion:
omg omg YAY
*breathes* lol sorry idiot I am, and now on with it...

GREAT NEWS TODAY on Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Sigma's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE and Dougray Scott.

The film will be screening at the GLASGOW FILM FESTIVAL NEXT MONTH on February 16.
The film will then be part of the Dublin Film Festival that same month (uncertain of the screening dates, tickets for this go on sale later this month on the 26th)

Then In March, NTK will be showing at the EdinburghFilmHouse!

Bonus: Audio book of New Town Killers on the way! wooooot!

OH MAN, HES OFFERING A WRITING CLASS. Dear god why dont I live in Scotland, remind me again? I so want to submit a script of some of the ideas Ive been playing with to Sigma, but heh these things are in no way ready for that kind of scrutiny (READ POTENTIAL HUMILIATION) and I should be taking screenwriting classes, damm pity I cant take one from Mr. Jobson. Wonder if Peter Jinks is available LOL blurg but I digress!

LISTEN UP ALASTAIR AND DOUGRAY FANS! NEW PHOTOS GALORE via the site as the director has given us an amazing treat with many new BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS of the filming of New Town Killers-Sean fans too will love this for the Greenscreen shot. bonus:
Storyboards! Oh man, awesome! so so ffng cool! I SO ADMIRE DIRECTORS WHO DO THINGS LIKE THIS, just put it out there show the world, ENCOURAGE DIALOGUE!

Related: Norwich Evening News has a mention about NTK and the release of the film sometime this year-HOPEFULLY SOON in the US too please oy! Quotage:

New Town Killers

Already premiered at the prestigious London Film Festival, this is an edgy action film shot by ex-punk lead singer Richard Jobson. Set on the gritty streets of Edinburgh, it traces the life of teenager Sean Kelly (James Anthony Pearson) and his sister Alice (Liz White) as they struggle to avoid debt collectors and meet mysterious strangers. Described by critics as an “ambitious and kinetic thriller, a tension-packed joyride”, it is set for a cinema release early this year.

Note: All photos on this post from director Richard Jobson


  1. Great news! Thanks for the information! I will get tickets for this as soon as they go on sale!

    I will also go to see the film again in Edinburgh Film House. I do get emails from them, but not until the week before, so I will make a point of checking their listings earlier!

    Thanks again, Sue!


  2. Thanks for the update! This is great news!

    We do live in the wrong country don't we, Sue? ;-)