Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci Film Looks Good for February

Update today regarding the newest short film from Sigma: I love Luci seems to be on track for completion by mid-February.


Written and Directed by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy, produced by Brian Coffey, as well as someone named James Lees (The Hobo Film Company), early word is that it may have an approximate running time listed of 11 minutes. This is great!

The film stars Camilla Rutherford and Colin Harris

Now on a related note, Colin Harris is due to be part of another film
called The Damned United.
Right up front I will state this I HAVE NO NO NO IDEA ABOUT ENGLISH/SCOTTISH FOOTBALL. I know this a failing on my part but there you go. I dont know who this team is that the film is about, i dont know the story and have not yet read the book, I am openly quite the hell ignorant on this subject matter of football lol (us yes, this what we call soccer I guess NO) and yea totally I know Jamie Sives is a die hard fan of the sport and apparently his cousin or something is a well known player but again no idea what goes on with that. egads.

What I do know, or have been able to read is that this new film stars the excellent Michael Sheen, and will feature Colin Harris, who of course is the lead in I Love Luci, as well as Martin Compston (Sigma's Rounding Up Donkeys, Red Road and yes later season of the wonderful Monarch of the Glen which of course starred Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie... got all that? :D) Ooh yes too I think Maurice Roeves is in the United movie, and lord knows he made a hilarious and brilliant turn in Sigmas HALLAM FOE... give yourself 5 bonus points if playing the six degrees of Sigma films game at home :D

Anyway, looks to be a good year for Mr Harris as Luci will be out sometime soon I hope! and Untied set for a March 27 release in the UK... and I totally predict the young girls are going to be all aswoon over Mr Harris in the near future too :)

DONT FORGET: Read the GetYourPeople Blog for the official word, and join the I Love Luci Facebook group for more too! :)

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    yeah I completely agree!!!!! Go on Colin!!!!!!!!