Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Sweeet News Indeed! Franz Ferdinand Confirms Recording New CD at Film City Glasgow!

ALL CAP WOOHOO JUBILATION AND GREAT JOY! News on Franz Ferdinand. News on this blog too, in the same piece! say whhat?:D
SweetonSigma makes the Evening Times....well, of sorts, as one of my most favorite bands makes the Evening Times in an article about their new CD and recording in Film City Glasgow! What an awesome thing to see today, thank you Graeme Murray!

In this article, members of FRANZ FERDINAND confirm what Ive been on about for months lol, that they did in fact record their upcoming new CD tonight in the lovely old Govan town hall or what is now the home of FILM CITY GLASGOW! YES!! Confirming what I posted here last April (including pics of the band recording), the article reads :

Franz Ferdinand stayed at home, recruited top producer Dan Carey and recorded their new album in an eerie and disused part of Govan Town Hall.The Glasgow band - Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy, Nick McCarthy and Paul Thomson - were given free rein of an old part of the building and rented the theatre space and concrete bunker beneath the town hall's stage.

Frontman Alex, who is a regular at Dennistoun cafe Tibo and also worked as a delivery driver at Mother India's Cafe in Argyle Street, was thrilled when they stumbled on the Victorian building, complete with flock wallpaper and psychedelic carpets. He said: "The great thing about being in a band is that it's like being in the ultimate gang, and every gang needs its headquarters. A building like this is an inspiration, it's a place where you can hide from the world and create your thing. It's definitely had a big impact on the record."...


More comments on the lovely old building which houses Film City Glasgow follow:

The band, who met at Glasgow School of Art, began rehearsing at the town hall, which also houses movie suite Film City, early last year...A mixing desk was installed in the theatre and the band swung a microphone from the 50ft-high rafters to capture the album's unique sound.Guitarist Nick said: "We recorded the album in our new building, a beautiful old town hall with a theatre and long shining corridors and rooms.We started rehearsing there early last year and soon realised we should record the album there as well."It has a certain magic and scariness about it."

Even Better, the article then contains mentions of SIGMA FILMS and a very brief quote from TIERNAN KELLY

Film City, which occupies most of the building, has been responsible for some of the most successful Scottish film output.Sigma Films, based at the movie hub, has created a string of movies, including Young Adam, Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself, Hallam Foe, Dear Frankie and Red Road.Tiernan Kelly, operations manager at Film City, which rented the disused part of the hall to the band, said: "They have been using the building pretty much outwith office hours. They've got their own entrance and come and go as they please."

On the side bar of the article, there is a pic of the building with a link to THIS BLOG and the clips of the band recording there. zomg so unexpected, so coool and very happy that the band gave that interview, FCG and Sigma and most the building are recognised in this manner! woot!

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand will be released Monday, January 26 (check out the trailers for it here via their official youtube channel, pre-order UK Domino, Amazon) and I can NOT wait! I adore their music so much, and to say Im thrilled to bits about all of this would be a gross understatement to say the least. One day I hope to get to meet Nick Alex Bob and Paul, but in the meantime, I feel like getting high... ;) wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

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