Monday, April 21, 2008

Franz Ferdinand Rocks Film City Glasgow

It's Monday, and it's a rule that things are always either annoying, or off- kilter, thus I feel compelled to do both, plus reveal how big a dork geek freak I really am by the following post (as if it wasn't painfully obvious already :P)

Its true that Sons and Daughters are my favorite band at the moment, but right up there are Snow Patrol, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band and Franz Ferdinand. Now the first three are NOT currently recording a new album in Glasgow, but OHO Franz Ferdinand most certainly is, as they've been posting a series of highly interesting photos on their official MySpace blog...

Raised on endless Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Nancy Drew mysteries lol, I've put those sleuthing skills to work *snort* and if you look closely at these photos (beyond the sheer awesomeness of the band members themselves that is ;) )

you can see these were taken in an eerily familiar building somewhere in the fabulous city of Glasgow. Now it is very very possible these could have been taken anywhere in the world and I well could be dead WRONG, but I gotta say those lovely chandeliers, beautiful ceiling and trim look mightily familiar... hmm...FILM CITY GLASGOW anyone? :)) wheeeeee!

*puts on Princess of mindless fangirl geekness tiara*

Am I the only one who cares about this? oh yes probably so lolol...well besides the band and the employees of FCG that is!... but to me I think this is awesome that great and talent people of Franz Ferdinand are making use of that lovely old hall. I know that the band and I think Mr Mackenzie have a personal friendship and heh clearly played on the Hallam Foe soundtrack which was just wonderful-hope they do more for any of Davids/Sigmas future films too! It looks as if maybe FF filmed a new video in the hall, which would be even better. Speaking of recording, a video snippet of new music of the band doing some killer work in rehearsals surfaced on youtube...UPDATE: latest word is that this was indeed recorded at FCG! and if I had a) seen the video on their blog first before I saw it on youtube, then b) bloody well read the title of that post, I would have realised it said "under the stage" god but I can be so STUPID at times. *sigh* Anyway, this music is great stuff indeed! If this is how the new album is going to sound this will be their best yet- I cant wait!


  1. The band are currently rehearsing and recording there...and the youtube clip surely was filmed there - under the stage.

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  3. Thanks friend! In stead of blithering about well it seems to have been filming in tight quarters, it would have helped if I had seen the video on the blog and read the part where it said "under the stage" doh!! lol. So cool news for sure about FCG, thanks very much indeed! :)