Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Feature on "New Town Killers"

Scotland on Sunday has posted a new feature on actor Dougray Scott, who discusses his role in the upcoming "New Town Killers" which also stars actor Alastair Mackenzie of Sigma Films. In this lengthy feature, Mr. Scott does mention his high opinion of New Town Killer director Richard Jobson ("He is one of the most knowledgeable directors I've worked with in Britain) and there is also discussion on filming for the movie. Quotage:

"He is in high spirits today, he assures me, and that is largely thanks to being in Edinburgh. He is filming Richard Jobson's upcoming film, New Town Killers, a thriller also starring Alastair Mackenzie, in which they play a couple of reckless, mercenary private bankers preying on those less fortunate than them just for the fun of it. A crew member tells me that, the night before, they shot a scene in which Scott's character had to beat someone up. Everyone was genuinely terrified.

For Scott, the best part of filming around Edinburgh, in areas including Leith, the New Town, Calton Hill and Muirhouse, has been seeing a city he knows so well in a different light. Later, I go on set to watch him in a scene on the rain-lashed, wind-whipped roof of a disused building off Princes Street. He gestures towards the view of the Old Town and the Castle and says: "See? I bet you've never seen the city from up here before."

Side note: Having never been to Scotland, I do not know quite what areas of the city they are talking about in the previous quote, but I remember Colin had posted several photos of his filming on rooftops of Edinburgh for Hallam Foe, that showed the absolutely beautiful buildings and landscape of the city like the one below, which is one of my favorite.

This feature shows a fairly reflective actor, not quite the image you think of when you watch him on Desperate Housewives. He also speaks quite glowingly of his wife, actress Claire Forlani, who starred in Hallam Foe. The paper notes: "He is surprisingly open about his marriage, and is clearly smitten with Forlani, whom he was introduced to by a director friend two and a half years ago. She has already been to visit him in Edinburgh once during the five-week shoot and is coming again. "She is extraordinary," he says. "I've never met anyone like her. She's really special, you know… to me." He wasn't sure he wanted to marry again but "it came along and felt right. We have a great, really healthy relationship and a real understanding of each other's psyches and needs. She's incredibly supportive."

New Town Killers continues in production in Edinburgh, and is due for release sometime next year.

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