Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Young Adam a Top Scottish Film

So right, in effort to maintain the positive, first many good wishes certainly are the order of the day, as a big Happy Birthday goes out to Sigma Film maker, GetYourPeople blogger, We are the Physics music video guru and Luci the dog lover Colin Kennedy. Cheers Colin!

In other news, Scotland week continues, so its time to focus on another random Sigma Film reference. With tourism and promoting all things Scottish to the fore this week, I was checking out the various Scottish tourism sites. Visit Scotland. com has gotten a new makeover, featuring a much brighter and cleaner layout, complete with updated info on tours etc. They still have these city breaks pages, although I personally think the SeeGlasgow (Scotland with Style) website is much better for info on that city; not sure about a good Edinburgh site yet. Although I am interested in Glasgow of course and not just because of Sigma!, I have to say Edinburgh really appeals to me, however I have friends who are urging me to try and get a job in Aberdeen which seems quite lovely to be honest but a bit to remote (read=COLDer than other parts of Scotland lol) for my tastes.

Anway, while surfing about I saw that Hannah McGill, the director of the Edinburgh Film Festival where Hallam Foe opened so gloriously last August (older video coverage here and here (with the Jamie/David interviews), has compiled a list of the top five Scottish films. On the list she included David Mackenzie's Young Adam. She writes of the film:

"The other end of the equation: still a study of extreme acts, but told in a sedate, poetic, melancholic style. It's about a young traveller working on a river barge who knows more about a dead woman in the river than he's letting on. With excellent performances by Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton and Peter Mullan, it offers a true sense of the mysteries of human character and motivation."

Side note: I find it amusing that the photo they use is her with the awesome Jamie Bell, star of Hallam Foe. I still think a very good review of Young Adam can be found at the Verging Writer blog spot that is well worth a re-read. Heh and of course, the entire Young Adam movie is up on YouTube, where you can also see a video which contains some very good and interesting comments from director David Mackenzie, and the cast including Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton in the following behind the scenes feature:

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