Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jamie Sives Joins Cast of "Triage"

In addition to the news this week that Franz Ferdinand is indeed recording at Film City Glasgow, there was a bit of good news regarding a role for one of my favorite actors, Jamie Sives. Jamie has appeared in several Sigma Films productions, most recently as Alasdair in Hallam Foe, and has now joined the cast of "Triage." The Hollywood Reporter says Triage is based on the novel by Scott Anderson, involving the chronicles and tribulations of a photojournalist who covered several war zones, including the hell that was Bosnia- Herzegovina in the early 90s. The film is being directed by Danis Tanovic, and has a cast that includes Jamie, as well as Christopher Lee, Paz Vega and oh yea, some dude named Colin Farrell. woot! The incredible limelight (and subsequent relentless paparazzi) that led me to even learn Jamie was in this movie, as there were new photos from the set that showed them both at work. Currently filming at the Ciudad de la Luz studios in Alicante, Spain, popsites were quick to note "Ireland Meets Spain" heh, already tracking the star of the film in coffee shops and the like, and then flynetonline.com posted these good set photos a few days ago. Today, new articles are online and Reuters has a new batch of similar photos, where you can see earlier filming that apparently took place in Bosnia or Ireland, and now currently on going in Spain.

As exciting as this is for Jamie and his career, I'm not sure how I feel about this movie as a whole, having been there once to work in that situation was enough for me... but then again, I intend to go read this novel first. I couldn't agree more with this author after reading this short interview in NY Magazine where he said on war journalists: "I think part of it is the romantic notion that the rest of the world doesn’t know and you’re going to make them know. In fact, people do know, but they don’t care. And after you’ve seen your fourth or fifth suicide bombing or you hear the bullshit people use on all sides to perpetuate a conflict, you start seeing how war in a lot of places has become addictive to people." INDEED! As a rule of thumb I now stay firmly away from war pictures, but then its already been reported David wants to work on a film involving journalists in Somalia I think, but no idea if that will ever become a reality-so perhaps Ive been away from all that long enough now I will watch these things someday in the future-dunno. Anyway, its very cool to see actual photos of Jamie working, being in a film with someone whose has the press and pretty good critical standing I think-In Bruges was really good! surely must be a good thing to say the least!

Unrelated and random Hallam Foe note: The film is continuing the journey across the US, and MPR reports that at a recent screening at the film festival in Minnesota : "the reels of the film had been spliced together in the wrong order." good grief!

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