Friday, April 18, 2008

Zombies Attack Film City Glasgow!

Well Im not sure if this is quite the proper nod to World war two history buffs will appreciate, but there is quite a bit of press about a movie that was filmed last year at Film City Glasgow called "Outpost." According to the BBC, the film is "about Nazi soldiers who come back from the dead," and "Platoon meets the Sixth Sense" its basically a horror film, although its the type that features lots of gore and blood etc. Apparently its already out on DVD in the US, although its just now being released in theaters in the UK.

I guess I'm weird in that at Halloween and such I have no problem at all with the scary bloody stuff and dressing up and go to parties where you see all sorts of people walking around dripping with fake blood etc. I completely love some fantasy books too, like LotR or Potter or even the Twilight series (which really wasnt that well written but it was a nice escape for a weekend to plow thru all three of them at once) or some films or tv series (openly admit-Buffy fan! stick me thru the heart I know but Spike/Buffy forever :P) However when it comes to these type of films, I guess I just dont get what the appeal is. Heh I know I can be so so so dreary and dull and serious all the time, and this makes me terribly uncool and unhip, but it's so hard for me to even see commercials for this stuff- I cover my eyes in the theaters when horror trailers come on like a little kid gah...I just cant stand these things though, mostly because when you've seen that type of thing in real life in war which is so not pretend, and covering local news stories every day where people fail mankind and each other in the worst possible way all the time, it affects you I guess and I just well no matter...anyway this is one film I most certainly wont be seeing. I understand there is quite the market for these films, and from what I've heard making these films is fun change of pace (lots of work for the makeup teams obviously and people enjoy the challenge and opportunity to add to the resume as one dude on imdb has a thread titled 'I get shot in the head in this film! lol so there you go). I guess if you could stomach that and think of it as all pretend it makes it ok, but still not my cup of tea.

The interesting thing to me, besides the fact that part of it was shot at Film City Glasgow was that the couple who produced this film, risked quite a bit, including their house and home to get the picture financed. Along with The Herald, The Evening Times also has a nice piece (including video interview) featuring this couple, who apparently "gambled their Glasgow house and borrowed from friends and family to raise £300,000." One of the producers says "We could have lost the lot," says Arabella. "But sometimes you feel you have to take a gamble and we did." Now that is faith and determination to say the least. The brain can tell you that making a film takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get it to the screens, but its another matter to try this in real life and put your heart and heh home on the line for this, so its alway so cool to hear stories like this sometimes when risking a lot can pay off in a big way.

Random Friday Fail note: Mister Foe continues to find his away across the US popping up in various film festivals. This weekend, the Honolulu Advertiser (Honolulu= uber expensive, yet uber beautiful though with fabulous beaches and hella good mai tais ) previews the film for the local film festival as such "This is a really great film from Ireland, starring Jamie Bell, who was 'Billy Elliott,' which captures the fun of 'Billy Elliott' — kind of 'The Graduate' meets 'Juno.' He's kind of an off-kilter character, but he's going into adulthood, is seduced by an older woman, so it's an adventure into adulthood — in an Irish way, with that sense of humor. Jamie Bell is amazing; with so many films from Asia, it's great to have something wonderful from Europe."
*slaps hands on head* IRELAND??? sense of humor clearly cause as we know, Scottish people have no sense of humor..... :P

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