Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Raise the Roof at Film City Glasgow

"Music is what feelings sound like"

There must be hundreds and hundreds of quotes on music, thousands upon thousands of films on the subject, and millions upon millions of musicians and those who love what they do-make music. Just like almost everyone else I love music, its something I actively listen to each and everyday, and just like most people I love hearing new music or learning about a new group. One the best things about following the getyourpeople blog and the workings of Sigma Films is their clear love of music, especially the wonderful sounds that are coming out of Glasgow. Obviously David Mackenzie loves music, making the bold decision to have the soundtrack for the wonderful Hallam Foe be fresh and original with the entire score for a film consisting of modern pop music. Bold fresh and it worked so well. Several of the bands frankly I had not heard of before, and now after reading about them, and listening to the music, they've become one of my favorite groups.

It was a happy coincidence then to realise that not only had this band, Sons and Daughters featured on the HF soundtrack, but they had also actually performed last fall at Film City Glasgow. I was just surfing around on Facebook when I stumbled over a group for FCG, which I didnt know existed. Whiles its currently an open group, its not normally the type of thing that you go about actively promoting I suppose, but they had some wonderful photos taken by photographer Iain Smart of a few bands performing at the old town hall which is now the headquarters of FCG. One of these bands was Sons and Daughters. Apparently this was for UK Channel 4's show called Transmission with T-Mobile, which we don't get here in the states, but from what I gather its a music show where they travel round the UK catching various bands in different cities.

Now having bands appear at Film City Glasgow is nothing new of course, since the old town hall was built many years ago and has been used to host a variety of live performances. We have these old building by the dozens here in almost every city, and once when I was little I remember my mother being actively involved in a campaign to save the local hall. My imagination is so vivid (goofy?) that even last fall when I went to the legendary Carnegie Hall for an event, I just sat there for a few minutes trying to imagine all the amazing acts that had past through there during the years. What is that old saying-if the walls could talk? could reprise the amazing opera, symphonies, plays, speeches, and bands that filled it time and time again. I am certain its the same for FCG. If you look at photos, you can clearly see the lovely woodwork and structure, the light fixtures reflecting their age and invention and its such a nice thing to see. It was great great fun to see the comparison then between this photo from FCG
to these great photos from Iain Smart taken of the crowds and set for Transmission.
Recently of course, the We are the Physics music video was recorded at the same location, and shows the band in performance there. Obviously they are making good use of the facilities of Film City Glasgow and I think this is a cool thing to use the place for not just as a film base but for other ventures such a plays and more. Plus it most certainly cant hurt that companies such as Savalas Post production sound is located there as well (That site has a very cute and cool opening, and heh they've done some nifty work on not only Sigma's Hallam Foe and Wilbur but other TV shows and commercials that are very much worth a look) The Trifecta of S, Sigma, Savalas and Serious facilities (who do really solid good work, esp on some videos of some great Glasgow bands including Franz Ferdinand and S&D) really have a wonderful base at Film City Glasgow, and I look forward to more of their productions in the future.

Bonus video: Sons and Daughters raising the roof at Film City Glasgow for Transmission.

Thanks to Claire at FilmCityGlasgow, and Iain Smart

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