Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Post that is no longer relevant to the old title

EDIT: Youtube yanked the video clip of the SNL Cougar den skit alas, which makes this entry fairly useless -UPDATE 2: You can see it here now -woot -go quick lol

If you've ever ventured into any of the forum discussion of any of David Mackenzie's films or those of Sigmas, I think it's safe to say you are usually going to find at least one conversation about that pesky three letter
Incredibly, there are still ongoing long conversations about the Jackie/Clyde sex scene from Red Road, and plenty of reference to sex as well in both the reviews and discussions of Hallam Foe. However, while most of them focused on the 'Oedipal' aspect, there was also discussion on Kate being with a younger man.

While Kate surely was no Mrs. Robinson and wasn't that much older, the fact was that Hallam was a younger guy and she didn't have a problem with that ...the peeping thing is another matter of course lol. Jamie Sives is like 7 or 8 years older than Sophia Myles, yet the only discussion of that relationship was that he was a married man and his character was a big jerk, but ZERO on the age difference... and what if Hallam had been like in his early 20s and Kate in her 30s or 40 and REALLy looked more like his mother, would that have made a difference? In fact, if I think about it a couple of the women in David's films have been a few years older than their male love interest, although I'm not sure if that was a deliberate thing, but most likely it just was a fluke or it is deliberate, but has little to do with the overriding plot points of importance and nothing the viewer is supposed to focus on. Hmmm I need to go look that up eep, and heh maybe its just my faulty OLD mind because Natasha Richardson looked a lot older than Marton Csokas in Asylum, although technically I guess she is only a few years older...same for Tilda and Ewan; Ewan looked really young in that movie Young Adam I thought. Anyway, I would love to hear some comments from David, who clearly isnt shy at all about discussing sex, on what he thinks about this matter.

I remain confused as to why this issue of older women/younger is such a big deal anymore. Yes I know here in the States our views on matters of sex are more err conservative or repressed or less open about it than our UK/European friends, this is true (and heh there is more sexuality used on tv in the UK, and our papers have NOTHING on the UK tabs especially who well woah lol) While I hardly am what anyone would call a babe or 'cougar' material lol, and perhaps it's because I've dated younger and older men, but to my way of thinking this issue of younger guys with older women shouldn't be a big deal, and yet there surely is a plethora of media attention about this 'phenomena' lol. (BTW The urban dictionary describes "Cougars" as older women on the prowl for younger men). One of the most frequently mentioned couples used as an example of 'defying the odds' with their relationship (as opposed to something you know dull, like having a successful happy marriage that survives continual media scrutiny at every turn)involves the star of David Mackenzie's latest film Spread.

As noted last weekend, Ashton Kutcher was a guest host on Saturday Night Live, and today someone uploaded that hilarious skit where he and they poked fun at this cougar label. With this added bonus of actress Cameron Diaz, they had a good skit mocking the ludicrous "cougar den'' label and it really made me laugh. Perhaps it might be not so funny to the British mentality but to me it was funny, and I gave him (and Ashton's wife the OLDER woman gasp!, Demi Moore, who was there in the audience) loads of credit for this. Yea it was silly crude humor, but ooh the hidden truths and funny! (bjoy, well its certainly not a job! and then lmao look, its not going to be as gross as you think LOL) POUNCE ON IT! hahahha



  1. I don't read or participate in the film forums you mentioned. But - Oedipus? HF has nothing to do with the ancient greek mythic figure Oedipus. Freud's Oedipal theory - yes. Freud used the ancient Greek myth of Oedipus as a metaphor of sorts for his own theories. I absolutely HATE teaching Sophocles' play Oedipus because students all have this preconceived notion - courtesy of Freud - that Oedipus was all about lusting after his mother. He wasn't. The gods fated him to bear children with her - fate being part of Greek tragic formula . . . I'm sorry. Don't mean to go on. But this whole Freud/Oedipus thing is a long standing pet peeve of mine. Mercifully, DM does not mention anything of the sort on his director's commentary - unless I missed something.

    Thanks for letting me vent! I'll go away quietly now . . . !

  2. Should have said - I was taking issue with the film forum discussion you mentioned - not you, SOSF!

  3. No worries, Anna I understood what you meant.

    I still am jealous you got to hear the commentary from David, and appreciate you letting me know this topic at least is not one of the things covered (as there are many more other things I'd personally like to hear him discuss) Maybe I will break down and order that UK disc soon!