Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Red Road to Cannes

I have been badly distracted by other events in my life and have now just truly realised that its actually April, mid April now, and it was around this point last year that Red Road was released here in the US. Moreover it was almost two years ago (technically May) that the film screened to such acclaim and award winning success in Cannes. Now as the long awaited sequel to Red Road, Rounding up Donkeys, the second film in the Advance Party trilogy is apparently still being filmed, I cant but wonder and hope we will hear more about this second film in the near future. I know there must be a certain amount of pressure, esp with a first time big feature and the shadow of the success of the movie for the RuD team, but I am optimistic we will be hearing good things about that film as we still hear on Red Road.

Cannes is one film festival I've been meaning to get to, having had several chances with the intrepid press corp, but either declined or missed it for reasons not worth going into at the moment. Regardless it is, I think, considered the height of the film festivals (although others will dispute that such as Sundance etc) and it is one I would love to go to. Ive been to Sundance which was awesome when I was there, but Cannes has a certain amount of inherent glamour and a sense of chic and excitement that the others will never quite reach I dont think.

While unfortunately many of the old photos of the Sigma crew are missing from the blog these days, I remember two years ago now oy! they went there with Red Road, which won the Jury prize. Although you can now buy the film on DVD and watch it on various channels in the US now, it was kinda cool to look on the Cannes site and see the old clips, interviews and most especially, the excitement and joy in the cast members faces as they made their way up to the top of the stairs. Not sure when the next entry from Sigma will be screening at Cannes, but lets hope Rounding up Donkeys will meet the same warm reception! :)

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