Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Bits and bobs of news today regarding some of the Mackenzie brothers latest projects.... First Breaking news: Alastair Mackenzie eats food! LOL well sorta, given this less than gripping entry from The Daily Record who noted that the Monarch of the Glen star joined his New Town Killers costar at a local pub (flash Dougray Scott eats fish and chips and a treacle tart in a local pub..and lives to tell about it..teehee.. no word on Alastair's entree of choice) Actually there was a small piece of legitimate news about New Town Killers as they officially received some big funding for the project
(£386,948) though I had to chuckle over this line from the press release " The funding was officially announced yesterday, although it will have been known about for a few weeks within some film circles." ya think? ;)

Also The Edge of Love starring Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy will be opening this year's Edinburgh Film Festival. While there much ballyhoo over the marquee names due to attend, it did not mention if Alastair who is also in this film, would be there for the premiere, but I am hopeful he will attend.

Finally, on the "Spread" front, the status on imdb has mysteriously changed from "filming" to "post production." However the papperazzi spotted and some lucky fans have videoed David and Ashton doing a scene in NYC recently (ahh I was sooo close too soho, drats!), so I am not sure if the movie wrapped this week or what. The time frame seems a bit short for a bigger film, than say the six week shoot I think that had been set for Rounding Up Donkeys (which is still cloaked under the discouraging no news blanket of silence alas), but then again I dont understand enough about how they go about filming these things to speak to this properly. Aw well, maybe more will turn up this weekend.

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