Saturday, April 12, 2008

Feature on Alastair Mackenzie Film "New Town Killers"

Well this is a banner day for me, with three entries in one go-whats a fan girl to do lol!

The Scotsman has a new feature online (I think for their Sunday paper?) focusing on New Town Killers, starring Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott. The interview contains many new quotes from the director of the film, Richard Jobson, who describes the film as "It's pretty dark," he nods. "It's about two forms of social invisibility. On the one hand you have kids who have fallen off the social radar then the other end of the spectrum of social invisibility are these hedge fund managers who control our economy." Mr. Jobson also mentions working with actor Alastair Mackenzie (who is of course, a main force at Sigma Films) when he describes the character Al is portraying as "so nihilistic, his view of the world is just a game," says Richard. "He sets people up to hunt them down. Dougray is playing him with an incredible charm and luxuriousness that you kind of like him until you really see what he does."

There is bonus great news on the film side of things, as the director says New Town Killers has been picked up by Warner Brothers (oho!!!) and reveals production has been ongoing in the city of Edinburgh recently as "the cast and crew have been enduring sub-zero temperatures on the top of former bank buildings on St Andrew Square."

Stating something all his fan like me have long suspected, Richard Jobson says working with the former Monarch of the Glen star on this otherwise serious movie has been enjoyable noting "Alastair Mackenzie is also a very funny guy, so we've been having a blast."

Finally, Richard Jobson gives away a hint of a release timeframe (oh no lolol) when he discussing his involvement with the Circle charity (ALWAYS glad to see mentions of charity work which makes a big difference!) and he says that a friendship with the current UK Prime Minister may lead to him attending the" premiere of New Town Killers when it is released early next year."

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