Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sail on the HMS Mackenzie!

Well it's not quite the S.S. Minnow nor the Queen Elizabeth, but its time to set sail on the HMS Mackenzie...err sorta! If you've ever had the hankering to own a piece of movie history of sorts, and have a cool half a million dollars to spare, then the Young Adam barge can be yours! According to this website (and Im assuming by the date, it is still available,) "The Young Adam is a beautiful 60ft Replica Dutch Barge. Benefiting from years of boat building and engineering experience, Young Adam is an excellent example of compact accommodation afloat. The hull built by South Holland Marine in 2002 was used as the Scottish coal barge which featured in the film "Young Adam", starring Ewan McGregor. Young Adam is for sale on a mooring at Cadogan Pier in Chelsea, on a five year renewable lease. The pier is one of the only pleasure boat moorings in London to be accessible on any tide."

LOL awesomeness! No word if David is available for private Captain duties but woot...tempting ! ;) The accommodations look to be a bit more posh than were seen in the film, but lol I couldn't believe it, too funny.

I remember reading somewhere along the way that the father of the Mackenzie brothers (and a sister I think?) was an admiral in the Navy which is a tough job actually. My cousins on mamma's side of the family are mostly the military-if not in jail or embroiled in some political fiasco heh (two are currently serving on nuclear subs though, others are naval aviators) and I do have a serious appreciation and enjoyment of sailing swimming snorkeling etc, but I have to confess, barges are not the first thing that spring to my mind when I dream of owning a boat. Surely barges still have a presence here in the States (party barges I can attest are notoriously a lot of fun to rent for a weekend at a big lake etc) but I always wanted to learn more about how David and co went about shooting the scenes on the boat. I remembered during the slew of Hallam Foe press though, there was one piece at the Edinburgh film festival where it was pointed out they were celebrating right round the corner from where scenes of Young Adam were filmed. Anyway that Young Adam shoot would be one I would like to learn more about. I suppose the difficulties shooting on the barge helped in as he went on to shoot other tricky scenes in other films (a treehouse springs to mind lol) Anyway, I dont envision there will be a huge stampede of buyers for this barge, but it was too odd and quirky piece of news not to mention ...hopefully there will be proper news this week on some of Sigmas or Davids more recent work this week!

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