Sunday, April 6, 2008

You Can Do Athletics BTW Video Now Online!

What oh what to write about today...hmm...should I moan about how many beers I had last night and my (still)aching head -nah boring...should I ponder aloud if ten pairs of Havaianas flipflops are really enough? nah-boring too, besides not warm enough for them either although four crocuses actually bloomed today in my garden, fascinating-not! So then what should I write about having to do with something interesting and actually related to Sigma..


The WE ARE THE PHYSICS -YOU CAN DO ATHLETICS -BTW VIDEO IS NOW ONLINE!!! Update ten thousand and 12: Blurgh- well no idea why they moved it off of youtube but here it is via the band's official site

I gotta say, I was uncertain what this side project of Sigma's Colin Kennedy would result in and frankly, my expectations were mixed, however after watching that video,all I have to say WOW!!! It was fantastic, and I was truly impressed, I loved it! Well done to all involved! The guys in the We are the Physics band were clearly clearly having a blast in that video and I actually enjoyed all that old scifi noir Mad Dr. Frankenstein-ish look to it all- very fun stuff indeed!

As a matter of principle I boycott MTV and don't watch too many music videos other than a few and so its not something I keep up with anymore (I mean if I'm out and they have videos on, its usually Kanye or something which is ok I guess, but omg his videos are all the same, and the latest Madonna/Justin Timberlake cool song but what is the deal with the AIRBRUSHING??- Plus I remember the day the first MTV video aired -I was at the original Live Aid too so it makes me an antique and the MTV of today is so not my MTV anymore) I do know enough to know that making these things is an art form all itself anyway, but this video by Colin Kennedy was wonderful! I have no shame in rambling on about how talented I think he and the fine work that he and all of Sigma do , and to me this was just another excellent example of what good work is going on there in Scotland. Well done and kudos to all involved!

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