Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Floundering Invasion of Hallam Foe

Would it be less than sweet of me today to rant about the frustrating efforts and confusion behind the release of Mister (Hallam) Foe here in the US? With his considerable fanatic endeavors and zeal, Ted actually gets emails back from the US distributors of HF, who informed him that we are back yet once again to a possible June release date... possible date number 10,012 is now June 20. Not quite an auspicious all out blitz invasion of Hallam Foe into the country lol, but then again having followed the progress of the movie which took about five years I think just to get made and out there, this pathetic waffling on dates is nothing new. Oh I know I shouldn't be such a whiner today, definitely not miss sweetness at the moment so I clearly need a serious attitude change (hears the Donald Sutherland as the hilarious Oddball saying "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change? Moriarty: Crap!)

Right...honestly I am grateful its even being released here in the US clearly and adore Sigma etc or I wouldn't even bother with this blog heh, so how now to be positive and hopeful about June 20...*looks the date up in history, sees nothing positive related to this..oh look June 21, Feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, patron saint of youth! Hallam=tale of mixed up youth- bonus!LOL Plus theres St. Aloysius' College in Glasgow, so its a positive sign right? right? *lolz, gives up* Heh I think I'll take Ted's advice and just buy the UK DVD at this point so I can watch it again. Ive avoided those plethora of downloads of the film all over the net, but really want to watch the film again :(

Although I'm tempted just to retire my goofy HF/ Sigma pompoms at the moment I guess though I really shouldn't complain. I fully understand that making films requires a HUGE amount of PATIENCE, hope and belief in the film. I know that others are keen to see the film do well over here and they are doing the best they can I guess (there is a reason that behind the scenes stuff/negotiating is called behind the scenes and lol not 'fodder for random doofs to blog about publicly.') The Hallam Foe Facebook group continues to grow and people are even posting again and uploading new pics so rock on for that. I even saw a fun video pop up on Youtube this week using a clip from Hallam Foe (featuring Hallams chase through Edinburg-even saw the Arty guy again huzzah ;))) ) so lets hope the distributors can get things settled and this film will make it into theaters before all the buzz and excitement is lost in the waves of frustration.

PS: one fun unrelated note... Ashton is in New York ,though probably not to filmmore on David Mackenzie's Spread, but to host the classic Saturday Night Live. While not always consistently funny, Ive watched that for years, so lets hope this episode will be funny too. You can submit Q's for Ashton to be used on the blog ...and LOL NO Im not emailing asking about Spread, but hmmm this would be a COOL THING if we could please do an open Q & A on the Sigma blog one time wouldnt it? :)

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