Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Video Interview with David Mackenzie on "Hallam Foe"

There is a new video online (well new to me at least) of a Question & Answer session with David Mackenzie. In this interview conducted after a screening of "Hallam Foe" at the Glasgow Film Theatre last August, David discusses working with Jamie Bell, and his choices as a director to look at characters in perhaps a more unconventional and different perspective than we normally see (and results imo as well, in a more realistic and honest character than often times is seen in films- I LOVE THIS ABOUT YOU DAVID!!! ) David also gives some cool background on how artist David Shrigley was involved in the project and made the title sequence for Hallam Foe. I understand that there are a plethora of interviews with David already out there, but to me anytime you can watch a interview with him is a good day indeed :) The five minute interview is courtesy of Shooting


  1. hey thanks for this! i've been searching high and low for snippets like this -even resorted to searching through foreign googles gives me plenty of headaches i can tell ya. tar! he is such a lovely guy

  2. HI! I agree, David is just aces! Thanks too for searching on those foreign google and such lol I dont have the patience to do that. I think Ive seen your excellent Hallam Foe/JB pics on flickr and they are JUST WONDERFUL, so many thanks for putting those up-great stuff :)

  3. your welcome dude and ditto for your blog.
    i just discovered you have lots of 'spread' stuff on here so i'm indulging!