Thursday, May 1, 2008

David Mackenzie to be Honored at Seattle International Film Festival

On a much brighter note now, there was some exciting news as it was reported that work of director David Mackenzie was to be recognized at this year's Seattle International Film Festival. According to GreenCine Daily, there is to be an "Emerging Masters" special and will honor "David Mackenzie (Young Adam and Mister Foe) from Great Britain." While the official film festival website has not yet been updated with ticket info for this event , nor screening times listed for the films (another showing for Mr. Hallam Foe to add to the list!), this blog says that this special may also include an appearance by the directors, but again no confirmation on that as of yet. Oy not sure if I can be there that weekend, but Seattle is a great city (good coffee too :P) and would love to be there. Congratulations David-he is already a master film maker in this fan's eyes, and am so thrilled to see him recognised in this fashion! The 2008 Seattle International Film Festival opens May 22.

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  1. wow! How sweet to have a blog about little old sigma!

    I hope we can continue to make films that justify our existence.

    Many thanks,

    David Mackenzie.