Saturday, May 31, 2008

More footage of Franz Ferdinand Set at Film City Glasgow

More goodies for loopy fans like me: Someone was lucky enough to be at the Film City Glasgow studios when Franz Ferdinand was there recording their new CD that is due out this fall. Since I had deleted my MySpace page, I had not been there recently till this am, and besides missing a wonderful update from Gary and Snow Patrol, I also totally missed this recent update from the most splendid Alex on Franz Ferdinand's official blog about this new video of their recording set (NO BAND/MUSIC) at FCG now available on youtube. LMAO FERDINAND LAIR-lol Did I mention lately how much I ADORE those guys lol-so cool they post these type of entries (although I suppose I shouldn't be blathering about the location but judging by the comments Im not the only one who knows where they recorded in the past few months .) How long till October? LOVE FF!!

TURN IT ON! so hot, absolutely love this

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