Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Film City Glasgow Article and More in Scottish Screen Feature

In addition to the awesome new info on Rounding Up Donkeys (as noted below) there is a plethora of new information contained in the new Scottish Screen feature: Made in Scotland.

Listen up Stone of Destiny and Dougray Scott fans! There are a host of new photos from the Stone of Destiny film (including BILLY BOYD and Robert Carlyle pics) as well as two new articles on New Town Killers, one with the director Richard Jobson and a separate feature with actor Dougray Scott. Download and enjoy via this link (PDF)
EDIT: Early wire photos of the Scottish Screen reception at Cannes today are online, and no luck on ANY pics of Dougray, nor Tilda nor anyone from Sigma *w0e* The director of Stone, Charles Smith seems to be there, as the EIFF director Hannah McGill, along with that couple that risked so much to make that Outpost film, and one or two other names I recognised but still-boo! c'omeon press corp dont let me down lol.

As for this dork, I was absolutely thrilled to see a feature on FILM CITY GLASGOW as well as piece on the other Trifecta of S at the film base: Savalas Sound.

The Film City Glasgow article contains a new interview with Operations manager Tiernan Kelly. In the article, which you can see on flickr here and here, Mr. Kelly discusses Sigma Films and their sense of international cooperation and desire to bring people and film makers together in one flourishing hub in Scotland. The facilities at FCG are one example of how Glasgow is endeavoring to try and create a unified center or 'hub' for a range of film makers from all over Scotland and the world frankly, to come and use their center, such as what is being done with Valhalla Rising (there is also a brief article on funding and filming in a country outside your own in Scotland)


  1. How in the world do you find the time to dig all of this stuff up!? My goodness!

    BTW - you've talked so much about Wilbur wanting to kill himself that I netflixed it.

  2. Hi Anna!
    Lol well these days, Ive taken on some freelance partime work to help ends meet, plus researching that elusive thesis again blurg, so shhh dont tell but I often do both at same time while online (works out quite nicely lol) BTw Im afraid Im quite remiss in posting on your blog of late! You've made several wonderful posts lately and I really have loads to say about a couple of those movies-really appreciated the tie me up/down entry too!

    So Wilbur..Oh good! Wilbur is just a lovely quiet film, nothing too dramatic, overwhelming but there is a lovely message at the heart of the story, and I like the way they delivered it in a fresh manner you dont often see (suicide is not often used with humor, MASH aside,) Some thought it was predictable and simplistic but I loved the gentleness and humor very much. Plus Jamie Sives is sooo handsome in this film and does such a nice job, but the other performances esp from Shirley and Adrian Rawlins are quite good-cant wait to hear what you think

  3. Glad to know someone read the Tie Me Up post.

    Wilbur? Great flick.