Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Article, First Photos from Red Road Sequel "Rounding Up Donkeys" (Updated)

I knew today was going to be a great day for news on Sigma Films, and it has proved true already. With Scottish day at the Cannes Film festival ongoing, Scottish Screen has released a major new feature on the film industry in Scotland. A wealth of new information and new photos are now available, including our first look at Martin Compston and Brian Pettifer filming for "Rounding Up Donkeys." Directed by Morag McKinnon, the tentatively titled sequel to Red Road (and film two of the Advance Party trilogy) wrapped production in Glasgow earlier this spring. Now well into the editing phase at Savalas based in Film City Glasgow, Scottish Screen has a new article available where we hear a bit more from the director on the movie as well as from producer Anna Duffield.

*Please note that as this was part of a PDF brochure which is quite quite large and image heavy (warning for those with slow connections), I nabbed some relevant portions and popped them up on my flickr: Part One and Part Two. You can also see Martin Compston reprising his role as Stevie, here and new addition Brian Pettifer at work, here.

As noted on the pages of Scottish Screen, the photos were taken by Roddy Hand. I looked this person (s) up, and discovered a marvelous website full of really lovely work, the wedding photos alone were just fabulous, such emotion and joy and lovely compositions!. More relevant that there is a gallery of stills-MANY MANY STILLS from Sigma Films Rounding up Donkeys where we get our first look at the most excellent Katie Dickie as Jackie with her new daughter. (hope they dont yank these down, just good good stuff!) There were also just terrific shots of James Cosmo who is playing the lead role in the film, as well as some shots of Martin Compston that will surely please his fans.

UPDATE: As feared, the photos and stills of RUD at the photographer's website most unfortunately have now been removed. Sorry if by posting this caused anyone trouble. :((((((

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