Monday, May 19, 2008

This and That (Updated)

Roundup for the third week in May:

As noted in EW and The Hollywood Reporter (love those google alerts!), David Mackenzie has reportedly taken on a second directing job, this one a remake of the Georges Simenon noir book "Stain In the Snow." Filming is set to take place next year in Germany. Not sure how soon it will begin in 2009, depending on the London Fields shoot/edit I guess, but congrats to David for keeping busy. This must be one of two films set in Europe he mentioned he had on the agenda earlier. I had read several of Mr. Simenon's novels, and they are not the most pleasant of tales, yet this one should be right up David's alley, with another dark and layered tale of a young man who is most definitely operating on the outside of the norm. I feel certain that David will do a beautiful job on this piece.

EDIT 2: IonCinema has a interesting piece online now regarding "Stain on the Snow," with the first speculation of casting Jamie Bell as the lead character and re-uniting him with his Hallam Foe director. Personally, while I have no doubt Jamie could pull the many nuances and demands of this role in fine fashion, I would hope he would not take it, simply because (and this is probably quite shallow and unfair of me) I fear it would typecast him and box him in to roles of the 'odd-person-always-on-the-fringes-of-society'. Character actors are marvelous, highly skilled and vitally important in movies, but that is not how I see Jamie as, and well, I just Jamie would continue to flex those acting muscles as it were and take on something other than this. Maybe not though, I suppose if the script were really good, and Im sure he would love to work with David again, but I am not keen on this idea at the moment.

EDIT: More good news for David Mackenzie coming out of Cannes today courtesy again of The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that his latest film SPREAD starring Ashton Kutcher has sold well. The trade paper reports: The romantic comedy "Spread," directed by David Mckenzie and starring Kutcher along with Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva has gone to Acme (Baltics); Imagem (Brazil); Coliseo (Colombia); Mediapro (Central Europe); ProSieben (German TV); Hollywood (Greece); Forum (Israel); Gussi (Mexico and Central America); Gulf (the Middle East); Pioneer (the Philippines); Monolith (Poland); Medyavizyon (Turkey); and Discovery (the former Yugoslavia).

The trailer for Alastair Mackenzie's "The Edge of Love" has been released. I really couldnt see Alastair in there at all lol,but the film looks good, and have that one firmly on the list to see at Edinburgh.

A press conference for "Triage" starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives was held recently in Spain, but unfortunately Jamie did not seem to be in attendance, and heh mosts of the news of the conference seemed to focus on the stars weight loss instead of any detail of what the film is about or the any underlying importance and themes of the Bosnian tragedy. Edit to add: The excellent Colin Farrell fansite has some good photos of the presser (more than what I saw on Reuters). Gotta say, his fans along with the ones behind the Ciaran Hinds fansite and others like ones for Sophia Myles Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley all run top notch sites. Maybe I should start one for Jamie Sives? Need to find a good Jamie Bell site yet though-although Puzzles with Pans is beyond awesome with her/his flickr photos!)

Mister Foe does NOT open in May as Magnolia continues to fail in the rollout of this film. While the header at the top of their site
now shows June 6 (as seen below)

the Mister Foe website however still says opening May 23. Oh how we wish, but alas there are multiple reports from various sites with multiple various dates, including the often bandied SEPTEMBER date. Fail, fail FAIL. I gotta say though I do appreciate the optimism of Scottish Screen who noted: "The film will open exclusively at the Angelika in New York and then roll out across the country. Hallam Foe has previously screened extraordinarily well at its recent engagement at the Philadelphia Film Festival, selling out all screenings."

eh I had heard differently that not every screening at every festival is going as glowing as this, but I guess we need to remain positive (the few of us left who still care about this I should say!) My freshman year in college for my undergrad degrees, I took a class on marketing and one the first things is I learned is dont promote what you cant deliver. A lesson that wisely ought to be learned by most, especially in regards to the rollout of this film, is so not the case here alas alas.

Rounding up Donkeys. Well we heard about the funding earlier for the second film in the Advance Party trilogy. With Scotland day tomorrow, lets hope there is some good news about the film out of Cannes this week

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