Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Film Adaptation of "London Fields" for David Mackenzie?

There is news today regarding another possible film in development for director David Mackenzie. The Guardian is reporting today that a film version of "London Fields" by author Martin Amis. The report states "Amis himself is collaborating on the adaptation of his controversial 1989 novel, and may even take a small part in the resulting film, which will be directed by David Mackenzie, best known for the films Hallam Foe, released last year, and 2003's Young Adam.Amis is working on the screenplay with Roberta Hanley, co-founder of Muse Productions, the film production company behind indie hits such as as The Virgin Suicides, Buffalo 66 and American Psycho."

Well, interesting. Not sure if this is official yet, and also not sure if Sigma Films would be a co-producer in this venture at this point either, or if this would be another solo venture for David. hmm. He certainly is a busy fellow if true, given the other projects in the pipeline. Not certain certain if the Ewan Morirsson 'Swung' film is still in the works, plus in other reports there was mention from David about something to do with a western, a couple of films in Europe, the long rumored Nico film and more. I figure Im probably the only person outside the filmmakers involved heh, yea I know-weirdo, but I actually read Scottish Screen quite regularly, and noticed last May they had awarded Sigma money to develop a script/film called "The Ordinary" which is described as "a feature film in development by Sigma Films. Following the sudden death of the Vatican's chief exorcist, Father McCartney must investigate a famous nun who claims that the devil is coming to Rome. So what is he scared of?" Oh man, now thats sounds interesting-wish David was working on that, or Sigma is really pursing that one too! More and more , the idea of learning more about screen writing and actively pursuing that dream appeals to me and grows stronger each day-something like this film appeals to me as well!

Right, well the Guardian piece goes on to say that filming on this London Field movie is due to start in London later this year. A quick overview of the novel was described as "centres on the character of Nicola Six, a femme fatale who foresees the exact date and manner of her own death in a dream. Not knowing who the future "murderer" might be, she manipulates three potential candidates - crook Keith Talent, rich banker Guy Clinch and terminally ill American author Samson Young - into meeting at the Black Cross pub in west London's Portobello Road for her impending death.

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