Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scottish Day in Cannes Set for Next Tuesday

As a follow on the news from Monday, there has been a press release detailing a bit more on Scottish films at the Cannes film festival. The report confirms Tuesday, May 20 will see that panel on Scottish films, followed by a reception due to be attended by some leading Scottish actors, including Tilda Swinton and Dougray Scott among others. Also confirmed is a screening of Stone of Destiny and a film called Summer which is apparently directed by someone named Kenny Glenaan. I remember reading his name on the official Sigma Films website, but I do not believe (nor know much of anything about this alas) that Sigma has anything to do with this movie.

Again lol, this has nothing to do with Sigma, but I gotta say that Stone of Destiny is high on my list, and I stumbled over some filming pics for the movie here. The film stars the ever solid Robert Carlyle and Billy Boyd. I have much hobbity lurv for him, Billy is so cool, talented and he better be back as Pippin for the Hobbit, plus Billy was good in Master and Commander too!) The Stone of Destiny film is already getting some buzz and I've read a slew of articles about the stone and the myth around it in Scottish Life and Scotland magazine recently (yep I read those shiny glossy magazines faithfully every month yep yep lol), so let's hope the good press for the film itself continues out of Cannes.

More directly related to Sigma, its so nice to see that Anna Duffield got another mention regarding her involvement on that panel and her producing Rounding up Donkeys with Gillian Berrie. Heh, I do hope we hear more about the sequel to Red Road here soon! Speaking of the the Advance Party trilogy, Variety has a new article online remarking on two of the directors involved in the film trilogy. We learned that Red Road director Andrea Arnold is taking on a new film called “Fish Tank," which is due to begin production in June, in Kent, England I think? It also mentions Rounding up Donkey's director Morag McKinnon, noting the film received $700,000 from the UK Film Council. Screen Daily also has a piece on this, and has this quote about the funding and female directors involved:

Lenny Crooks, head of the New Cinema Fund, said: “I am delighted that we are supporting exciting new films from three inspirational female filmmakers and I hope this encourages other women who want to progress their writing and directing careers. Andrea Arnold has proved herself to be one of the most exciting filmmakers to have come out of the UK for years. She received international acclaim for her first feature and her shorts work and we are delighted that we can help her to progress her career."

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