Monday, May 19, 2008

Usual Suspects

As the absence of a much adored and sorely missed blogger grows, I feel emboldened then to post something entirely random, and yea, sorta wacko perhaps LOL but it's all in good fun. As the Cannes film festival is in full swing, wire photos are completely awash in all the various parties and press calls and various hoopla that is ongoing in France. Avoiding real work this afternoon, I decided to browse all the pics at WireImage and stumbled over the BBC Films party-well to be honest, the fact that yummy Jude Law and his handsomeness called out to me too lol- so I started looking at those pics when lo and behold! Lurking in the background I thought I spotted two faces who I am sorta thinking are similar to faces Ive seen on the getyourpeopleblog.(Rounding up Donkeys producer Anna Duffield and Colin's I Love Luci producer Brian Coffey??) Maybe not of course but oooh if true and it is indeed y'all, this makes me very happy-whee! Dunno if the awol blogger is there too, but we surely miss those reports from these swanky parties-gotta live the high life vicariously somehow you know ;)

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