Saturday, May 3, 2008

Martin Compston in the News

The Daily Record has a new article today featuring actor Martin Compston. In the lengthly feature (titled "It's so Sweet to be a Star" LOL! sweet... :P) topics range from brief mentions on Monarch of the Glen, an interesting audition for the upcoming Star Trek film (he didnt get the part), the soon to be released thriller/gore film "Doomsday," and an intriguing tidbit about the upcoming Rounding up Donkeys. Of interest, the article says the second film in the Advance Party trilogy may have another name "possibly Barrowlands " oho! Well not that anyone cares much what I think on this matter, but I much prefer this name as it keeps in with the location sort of theme with the first film Red Road. I have to be frank and say I do think this possible title would be a lot less off putting, and would be more intriguing to new audiences than RuD, which to some seems odd for as a colleague at work scoffed the other day 'heh isn't that a touch 'arty?' who the hell wants to go see something supposedly serious titled about jackasses' * sigh* Whatever, they will probably stick with the RuD title anyway, so this is all moot and blather as usual.

There was also this bit about Martin's reprising his role in the sequel to Red Road, as the article notes

"... it finished filming in Glasgow last month and features James Cosmo with Kate Dickie in a tale of a father-daughter's fractured relationship.

Martin admits to some challenging scenes but turns coy when asked if they involved his first sex scene. "I don't know," he says, grinning. "It's the best script I've read for years, and if we do it any justice then we're on a winner."

A winner- YES, lets hope so!

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