Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Blast from the Past

If you'd indulged in some fun, and friended Hallam Foe on his Myspace page, you will know that today is his birthday...Last we heard from our man young Mister Foe, he left us with a message about this time a couple years ago on the GetYourPeople blog. As it seems quite evident that most people have moved on, and that no one, save a few of us loyal die hards, are even paying attention to the release of the film here in the US anymore alas...(Magnolia=stupidly ever changing release dates=incredible loss of momentum and thus serious and pitiful lack of public interest in the film= FAIL FAIL FAIL), I feel it was only appropriate to re-vist the following words from Hallam delivered by his good friend Jamie:

"Although the people filming and documenting my life have moved on.....

I remain Hallam Foe, and I'll always be watching!

Constantly thinking of ways to avenge my mother. Thinking of a way to give my stepmother what she truly deserves.

I will never rest, I will never stop watching and peeping. Climbing and jumping. Thinking and plotting.

For I am, Hallam Foe. So fuck you..."

Fuck you too darlin' :)
Its been a hella good ride, hope to hear more about you one day
Happy Birthday! xoxoxox

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