Friday, May 2, 2008

Mishmash for May

It's the start of a new month, and since the blog hasn't been update in weeks, here is my best guess and the latest I can find about ongoing projects.

*Mr. Foe*
See above entry.

*Rounding Up Donkeys*
I've read in several places now the film is well into the editing phase. While I dunno for sure, imdb lists that Colin Monie, who did such a fantastic job as editor on Hallam Foe, Dog Altogether, Asylum, and The Magdalene Sisters, is cutting RUD as well. Not certain, but it seems likely they are working with the other two parts of Trifecta of S-Savalas and Serious. Savalas clearly states on their site they are doing sound for the film, which is very cool news. I am really uncertain on the Serious part though, perhaps they rent out their editing suites or something-but regardless, progress is being made-so rock on for that!
A director friend of Morag McKinnon and the screenwriter Colin McLaren wrote recently that the film is in the rough cut stage and heh the dreaded "no-DVD policy [is] in force" LOL I remember when Colin blogged about that before and no one knew what that meant exactly-we all thought it meant no regular DVD for HF would be released, and all hell broke loose, but that is not what is happening here. Mr. Cairns also mentioned that the earlier suspicions about Jackie and that daughter were right- she does have a new daughter in this film, they are also "having her meet Martin Compston for the first time" LOL well that should be an interesting twist to say the least- cant wait to see this film!

*New Town Killers*
Sorry not much new this week on the movie. I did spot a very good unit still photo (as well as some interesting behind the scenes photos of the above mentioned RuD) and emailed the photographer to ask if it was cool to even mention his name or link to his stuff, but have not heard back as of yet alas. I believe that filming for New Town Killers starring Sigma's wonderful Alastair Mackenzie (and Dougray Scott yes too lol) is still ongoing though, but it may be wrapping up soon-heres hoping more news in the next week.

*Random Music Notes*
Tangent, but the most excellent group, Franz Ferdinand, has finished recording in Glasgow at Film City and are now in London doing more work. I cant believe we have to wait till OCTOBER for that CD- boo lol (so impatient I am), but if the past hints and tidbits are any indication, it will be well worth the wait indeed. BTW, FCG for sure is due to be super busy the next few months, with people in and out of there as even the National Theatre of Scotland will be using that wonderful hall for rehearsal space-GOD BLESS THE THEATRE. My first love and my early career ambitions was to work in theater (and proved to be mybiggest failure lol), I firmly believe the world needs theatre and plays and musicals- from local schools to college to seasonal events to national troupes to the dazzling heights of Broadway and the London stage- bring it all on! To echo and play on the excellent speech by Glenn Hansard (Once-and this song Falling Slowly is flat out gorgeous) at the oscars

Speaking of art, and on a purely selfish fangirl basis... I read on the We are the Physics band website they are issuing a podcast of the behind the scenes video of You can do Athletics via iTunes. As an American I can not buy the bands music from there, and while this podcast does not seem to be available on iTunes yet, perhaps they will make this one at least accessible for all when the band's new album is released on Monday...or I shall absolutely cry if I cant get that video of Colin at work with the band for my iTouch lol-the completed YCDA video would bloody well be nice to download too-just saying ... :P

With filming now completed and editing apparently ongoing, there is little news about a release date at this point. Ashton Kutcher is out doing junkets and press appearances galore for his latest film "What Happens in Las Vegas" and there were one line mentions in only a handful of articles about Spread. Curiously enough, there is a new interview with Ashton online, where he briefly mentions his work on the movie.For Spread, you’re acting and producing. How does that change your experience on the set? It doesn’t dramatically change your experience. The real difference is in preproduction. Great producers solve the problems before they happen. Then, once the film gets going, there’s not a whole lot to do.

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