Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mums the word

The word festival is ongoing in Aberdeen, Scotland and today is the day that author Peter Jinks is scheduled to take part in a presentation, presumably discussing a bit on adapting his novel Hallam Foe for film as well as introduce a screening of the movie later tonight. I saw too that at this event, Mr. Jinks would be joined by author and columnist Ruaridh Nicoll and discuss some of his works, including White Male Heart. Now I had read in a couple places, in fact Yahoo movies said that David Mackenzie had directed a film version of this a couple years ago, and some said it was a UK/Sweden project being marketed. However on this site, it says the film is not made yet and is being shot later this year directed by someone other than David- so frankly I am confused and yea totally I fail as fan I guess lol, but I really dont know anything more about this alas.

Regardless, I was thinking of HF again today, for here in the US we are celebrating Mother's Day. I know the UK celebrates their mums day earlier in the year, but thinking about being a mother etc I reflected again that as Mister Hallam Foe is not only a film on 'coming of age' for Hallam, it is also one that very clearly shows the stages of grief and coming to terms with loss. While I dont know if any of the filmmakers have gone through that stage where you lose a parent, I think obviously its a reality that we all have lost someone we've loved along the way.

Its the old mantra again, but I admire these films, with their the truths and the unique refreshing manner they are presented -this is what draws me to them. Sure they are not always fun casual easy breezy things nor easy to watch, but at least they are being made! There really is some fine fine work coming out of Scotland and this company I blather on about so-they make films that are unique fresh and HONEST and deal with issues we all can relate too. Hallam Foe, with all its many levels and humor and sex and life adventures for the main character, also is very honest about some of the sorrow and grief and anger and confusion we all feel when we lose a parent or someone who has meant a great deal to us. It also makes us appreciate what we have without wacking it over our head-hey be grateful for the good, love celebrate love live life live! Sappy hokey but there it is, and I love it. Right, before I get too carried away yet again because Ive certainly done enough with the sad and deep talk for a while, Im not going to go there today. Today all I want to do is celebrate the positive and wish those who may stumble by this blog many good and joyful thoughts today. Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff too.

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