Monday, May 12, 2008

Cannes You Catch the New Town Killer?

It's May, and in the film world that means only one thing-Cannes. The fabled film festival gets under way this week, and if you are lucky enough to be at the Festival de Cannes in France, you just may catch those killers. No, not the band, but a bit of the New Town Killers starring Dougray Scott and Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie. As heralded by the big flashing sign on the top of ScreenDaily website today, the team from Independent is heading to the festival in hopes of selling the new film, and says that attendees can see a promo screening at their office at the festival. Lucky!

I know that other companies are going to the festival to try and make deals for distribution etc, and it said on the UK Film Center website that Anna Duffield, the producer of the upcoming Rounding Up Donkeys will be attending this year. Just because: I love this photo of some of the Sigma team including Anna, Colin, Brian Coffey-Colin's producer for I Love Luci- and the casting director Kahleen Crawford- everyone there is so good looking and so photogenic- totally unfair~lol. Anyway, there is apparently is to be some panel on producing and making films in Scotland which is all good of course. Random and totally not related to Sigma (other than the fact they used the Film City Glasgow studios to make the movie) but I am way keen to see Stone of Destiny and someone from that film is going to be on this panel as well. I was thrilled to see too that Stone of Destiny is also screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival this year, as is that new myspace backed filmed with Ewan Bremner yay! I had been hoping to see if anyone from Sigma (other than Alastairs other new film, The Edge of Love) would be showing this year at Edinburgh like that new short from Johnny Barrington -Terra Firma, but news on that film is hard to come by and its clearly too soon to show anything from RuD. Maybe they will premiere Donkeys later this year in London or something. Ah well, it seems there won't be much on the Sigma front from Cannes this year. Selfishly speaking , tis a pity as I thoroughly enjoyed reading those hilarious (and often booze inspired) posts and photos from Colin at these's hoping he will be back in fine posting form, in any manner, soon though! :)

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