Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ciaran Hinds Talks Mister Hallam Foe

Well, I am not sure if I remember ever watching an interview with Ciaran Hinds on his role in Mister Foe, but thanks to some kind soul on Youtube, you can now see a series of clips where the actor discusses his role as Julius Foe. I can not remember if Ive seen these before, but they seem to be clips from perhaps the German DVD? I hate getting old and not being able to remember things as I used to...blurgh. I do not know if these are included on the UK Hallam Foe DVD, as I seem to be about the only person that hasn't broke down and bought the UK disc or heh downloaded one of the zillion copies making the rounds. Regardless, it was quite nice to watch an interview with this very fine actor, who is quite complimentary on his co-star Jamie Bell as well. I must say, I've seen Mr. Hinds several times in person before and watched him interact with his fans, and he was quite gracious and nice, not mocking nor dismissive as others can be, and he strikes me as a thoroughly lovely man.

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