Monday, May 26, 2008

Report: Jamie Bell to Star in New Film "Prodigy"

There is a new report this holiday morning from a Spanish newspaper, claiming actor Jamie Bell (Hallam Foe) is to take on a new role in what is called a " futuristic film ‘Prodigy’, " to be directed by Chuck Russell. According to this report, Jamie will star along side the highly acclaimed Irish actor Sir Michael Gambon, as well as Joan Allen and Leighton Meester. The paper notes filming will take place in Spain, "in the Valencian region and at the Ciudad de la Luz studios," which is of course where Colin Farrell/ Jamie Sives film "Triage" just finished location shoots.

No idea if this is true, for last I heard Michael Gambon has a full deck with Pinter's No Man's Land in Dublin later this summer, and Variety reported in March the director was doing a film about stunt pilots or something. Also while Spanish media is a tad better than Italian media which is notoriously dreadful, it is not uncommon for their studios to give local press the first heads up so its possible this is true. Gambon is a hella good actor, and am hoping we hear more about this either way soon.


  1. hey thanks for the heads up appreciate it!
    i got to agree with you about it sounding a bit iffy. Jamie 's quite pretentious about his directors -i happen to love a bit of pretentiousness- and the director of 'the mask' is quite a departure. micheal gambon and joan allen however would be wonderful!

    *i second your opinion on indiana jones although when forced to sit through it a second time expletives are the best adjective to describe it in!

    incidentally its me posting the vids on the youtube channel you is welcome!

  2. OMG... the director is THE Chuck Russel, who made The Scorpion King?........

    Well, on the other hand, I used to like The Mask (I was a kid back then lol).. But anyway, isn't he supposed to be filming Mandrake now...

  3. yeah i liked the mask as well but....but well i hope he doesnt film in the same vein-oh god tis sci fi after all i can see green masks galore!
    i noticed jonathan rhys meyers worked with him maybe he has got an indie attraction...
    couldnt this be a 2009 thing?

  4. Hey Puzzles! Thanks so much again for those videos, truly they are greatly appreciated!

    I suppose this could be a 2009 film for sure, but again this seems a bit dodgy and uncertain at the moment though. Would be a great opportunity for Jamie to work with that cast though...

    Anyway, thanks again! :)

    ps Hi Helge-thanks for stopping by here too! so glad to see both of you!