Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Video Interview with Claire Forlani on Hallam Foe

What a great surprise this morning to discover two new video interviews from the German Hallam Foe DVD, including a rare interview with actress Claire Forlani. She has always struck me as an elegant reserved yet lovely person, and it shows in this video interview. Noting that Jamie Bell is 'inherently talented,' she feels we will all be hearing much more excellent work ahead from Jamie. Agreed! I have to say though, her thoughts on David seemed to confirm what I had suspected, as she noted that being on set was like in the old days when they made films, and the director was there creating and actually enjoying the process. YES! So many directors you hear about or even see at work, seem caught up in being cool, all style over substance, and rather detached from what they are doing...its all about making something slick, and the true love of creating and wanting to show something original, thought-provoking and fresh seems to have gotten lost behind all the hype. It's so nice to hear an actress actually speak to the fact the director on their project is actually enjoying the work.

Speaking of the director, there is also another interview with David Mackenzie from this DVD. To the person who takes the time to put these things up there on youtube THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Claire Forlaini Interview

David Mackenzie Interview

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  1. So I see I shouldn't have bought the British DVD... :(
    and btw I'm SO GLAD to see Claire Forlani speaking about the movie at last! I really loved her in HF, but she wasn't even at the premiere, there was no interview with her at all etc. It's just not fair, so thank you so much Sue for sharing this!