Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jamie Bell Gets MTV Movie Award Nom for "Jumper" Fight Scene

Well here is a kinda cool nomination I guess lol for Jamie Bell. According to MTV, Jamie has been nominated at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards in the "Best Fight" category for "the global grudge match" he and co-star Hayden Christensen have in "Jumper." Voting is now open to anyone interested via this link. Gotta say, while I didnt think the movie was overly great-Jamie was the best part imo, sorry Hayden, but as they say Jamie PWNS :)))
Well, what are you waiting for??? VOTE VOTE VOTE :)

In other news, because quite frankly, the world really does need more Jamie in it, the ever awesome PuzzlewithPans managed to get a scan of the May issue of Vogue that is up on flickr. In the article, Jamie Bell discusses his role as Hallam Foe in the upcoming Mister Foe (well new here to us patiently waiting US audiences). While Jamie looks great (reminds me of Gene Kelly or something in this photo) I dont know if this one is from the same photo shoot we saw back on Just jared a few months ago, but I guess it is? Anyway, good catch Puzzle

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