Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a Click Away

*warning, no news in this post, just long blathering reflection on technology and blogging and films*

A friend (or I hope someone who considers me a friend!) remarked privately to me the other day that this blog must take up my whole life.

I actually had to stop and think about that for a few minutes, and its true I do put effort in here once in a while, but not as much as you may think because working on the internet IS my world, and to me this is the fun part of being on the net. Oh yes I have much outside going on, example my son who remains the most important thing in my life, and lol I still manage to go out and do things off the net too, but in terms of my everyday routine, technology and working on the internet plays a huge role. Surely it's a far cry from when I first started out- I even worked at an entry level TV station that was using FILM for news pieces, seems eons ago- but now its all about technology.

If you are reading this blog, it's thanks to technology. As is the case for so many of us, technology has allowed me to go places, meet people, learn new things each and every day, expand my career, and yes has allowed me to make a living. Through a series of happenstance and random occurrence, I've been able to support myself through various jobs on the net, both in news and for fun (not this of course, but other things I'm involved with.) Yes I still get out and talk to real 'live' people, but in the same fashion, I've met some of the best people ever because of the net. People from different walks of life, backgrounds, countries, people who most probably would not have given me the time of day if I had passed them on the street in 'real' life. I can literally go places all around the world, transmit news and information and random funny light stuff too to people because of technology. Heck Hugh selling wine and getting the word out about South African wine to all his readers who now gather in real life have formed real and lasting friendships and careers is all proof alone of that. Same holds for Sigma Films-if David and Colin and the crew had not had taken the initiative to put a blog out there, the script, held those blogger screenings would half of the interest in Hallam Foe even been there? Its because of technology I found HF, and its because of it I stay.

There was a report recently released about how technology is bringing in considerable income and jobs to Scotland, including Glasgow. The Evening Times reports that "SCOTLAND'S digital entertainment sector employs around 100,000 people and generates annual sales of £5billion.The industry - which ranges from television production to computer games - now accounts for 4% of Scotland's economic output, claims a new study."

The article continues:

Alistair Balfour, chairman of 2in10 said: "Digital entertainment is the fastest-moving area of global technology right now. He added that resources should be focused on proven areas of expertise - developing excellent games, and the creation of film or video content that works across a range of platforms.Scotland has Europe's third largest games industry, with internationally known names such as Rockstar North -producers of the highly successful Grand Theft Auto game - Real Time Worlds, and Dynamo Games.

Mr Balfour added: " Above all, we need to think big."

Scottish Enterprise, which backed the research, underlined its flagship support project for broadcast and film in the shape of the Digital Media Quarter at Atlantic Quay in Glasgow. Already home to the BBC, STV and studios Film City Glasgow, it will develop into one of the UK's key locations for the industry.

I understand there is some resistance to the development of such a hub (other plans afoot for this area seen here and here), but these "Digital Media" centers are nothing new, and can only be a good thing for Scotland or any country that tries to embrace this philosophy and engage in this type of economy and revenue generating approach. Some also decry this, claiming art is being replaced by things synthetic, that we've become a sterile remote world. I actually find the opposite to be true.

Some might say, well Sweetie, the US has the best of most things in the world so its been easier for you to do so-and thats a fair statement I think. I have access to everything, can buy whatever I want and the ability to take advantage of the technology is certainly readily available. Tis true enough as well I have loads of technology at my disposal: a mac and a pc , three pda phones, two ipods, digital cameras, wireless net 24/7 in house and car in coffee shops and stores and malls. My house now has a high def tvs which is a glorious thing to watch a film on HD I gotta say, and well I choose to embrace all those fun technology things (the folks at Best Buy love me lol.) My son has been taught computers at school since he was in kindergarten and most of the people I work with now have far more technological skill than me-its quite the pressure to keep up, and I have to do so every day or Im screwed and will be out the job-its just like the old days working at an office, only now its via technology. While there pressures, Ive gotten to do and go many places- Ive been extraordinarily lucky enough to go to high profile movie premieres and events and interviewed celebs and powerful heads of state equally because of the internet. So for me, choosing to work on the internet has been a positive thing. It is also how I learn and enjoy much of my 'free' or 'artistic' world too.

I love the world I discovered because of Sigma. I enjoy reading and writing about things unknown to me, about performers who bring me joy, about film makers who I believe make a difference and while I probably never will meet a single one of who or what I write about, I enjoy this. If it makes me pathetic that I choose to talk about it and perhaps spread the word to someone who stumbles over this, then so be it. I love movies and I think its a cool thing to be able to blog about them as opposed to just sit solely in a coffee shop or print an article and hope that someday someone will hear of. Results can be immediate and it can be fun and wonderful and well I dunno what else to say on this.

That does not mean that industry as we know it, that film and art in the old sense dead! but is just taking on another way of sharing it with the world around us. I will always seek the independent films and news sources and authors and musicians along with the mainstream-there is room enough for all of us, and room to make a living at this as well. I truly hope that Sigma Films and facilities such as Film City Glasgow continue to embrace this technology, so others can experience the great and positive things I have because of technology and wish them all the best with their endeavours.


  1. Mmmm - much to think on in this post. Interesting timing . . . I myself have actually been a bit down lately about the net, as you call it, & - well, let's just say - blog stuff. Rethinking my net involvement, as it were.

    Your post has me pondering all this a bit more.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you have been down Anna, and I hope that you can sort things out. Selfishly speaking I do think your blog is really well done, and I for one appreciate the care you put into those detailed and reflective posts. You've mentioned several films that frankly I would have never heard of, nor wanted to see, that are now on the agenda, and I appreciate your blog and all your thoughts youve shared. While I truly do understand how hard all of this can be at times, Im sending you good thoughts!

    As for this post, well this was me trying to boost my own flagging spirits. Several days earlier this week brought such great news, even much welcomed mail, I was so happy! Then I thought a door had opened slightly and then I learned something that while good for the one, simply crushed me flat and its been incredibly painful. The last 24 hours, I think Ive sobbed at least half of the time, the others have been spent trying to reassure myself and refrain from hitting delete on this and every single thing I do on the net. seriously. that would be just a click too. Well emotional drivel aside, I honestly can appreciate how you may feeling and hope things look better for you soon.

  3. Wow - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stir things up for you. I hope everything is ok?

    I'm fine - really - didn't mean to sound so doom & gloomish. Your post gave me much to think about & I appreciate your kind words about my blog.

  4. Hi again Anna
    I hope you are having a good holiday weekend, and thanks again for taking the time to read this stuff I jot down on this blog!

    Im honestly dont know how to answer truthfully, how Im doing. I cant tell you how many times still in the last couple days Ive gone between wanting to hit delete delete delete in every possible facet and, well now am just on autopilot I suppose. Im sure things will stop hurting so much in time-isnt that the old cliche, time heals everything I know it does of course but just others well-make you really take stock on many things. Anyway, no more dreary talk from me. Thanks again for stopping by, and especially taking the time ask too :)