Friday, May 30, 2008

Is it real?

So last week I had been back on imdb, and saw that now my favorite actor, Jamie Sives, has apparently been cast in "Valhalla Rising" with Mads Mikkelsen. This film (which is not being produced by Sigma, has zero to do with them aside from VH using Film City Glasgow as production offices or something), is due to start shooting in the near future -June I think.

While ordinarily I would have been just thrilled by this, but it almost seemed too good to be true. Yes of course it's quite plausible, especially since Jamie and Mads worked together on Wilbur wants to Kill Himself and the whole Glasgow/Sigma film community is developing these quite serious ties with the Danish film community. However, the media person in me said umm oh really? and I had been trying to find some additional confirmation or further information about this possible new role for Jamie, but as of yet I have been unsuccessful. Thus I am not really sure if this is happening, but it would be just fantastic if true.

The problem for me is that imdb is not always a reliable thing, anyone in fact can go and submit things and theoretically the staff there verify it before it gets added to the page. Thus, if they were to verify it with say the casting director or the production team, then thats great and Jamie is in this movie and huzzah and all is good and well..however it is equally possible someone is having a laugh and its not true, which has happened multiple times on that site daily. In addition, I have had too much experience there with all the bogus stuff that HAS been posted before, not to mention all the incredibly bogus rumors and the unfortunate amount of troll traffic that frequents the boards, but on the other hand, there is so so much legitimate things there, a great source for the fans and filmmakers alike to try and rely on, that its hard to not want to trust everything you read.

The issue of what you see and don't see, what you know and dont know really have hit home with me the past week. I've been working on my revised Thesis which deals with media accountability and sourcing heh, so all these deep and probably quite boring philosophical issues are foremost on my mind. Then, yesterday two things happened that really hit it all home with me.

First, I'm a big fan of LOST and that whole time flash forward/backward and the question of reality and what is truth and lies was so beautifully and amazingly done last night, just aces! The writers on that job really are quite skilled at weaving all these layers and thoughts and possibilities out for you, truly some of the best stuff happening in TV writing lately (imo). The show also left me pondering on one of the many subplots regarding what is truth and more boring philosophical things like is silence and not saying something for reasons like to protect your privacy or protect someone or spare them hurt always the best choice.

The other thing about reality and truths and stuff came in the form of a mail with someone I had been a bit concerned about. Now after an exchange where I learned that something that normally most would be joyful and want to shout to the rafters about is quite deliberately not being shared and it seemed so sharply contrary to all I've known and respected about this person, that the reaction I got only served to heighten my worry and concern. My reaction would be viewed by them as a bit ridiculous though if I continued the conversation, given this person doesn't consider me a true friend and has given not one single reason in the world I should give a damm anyway, plus its all probably well and good for them for the time being anyway, but man it has left me all greatly puzzled and I cant shake the feeling things are just off for them. Anyway this is far far too heavy deep and boring for a Friday to be certain! Suppose its too early for a beer lol but wow, lots to think about this weekend!

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