Friday, May 30, 2008

New Video Interview with Jamie Sives

Great news tonight! Thanks so much to 4cSlater for generously posting this new video interview with Jamie Sives, where the actor discusses his role as Alasdair in Hallam Foe. It is so so rare to see an actual video interview with Jamie, and this is quite a treat to hear him discuss reading the script for Foe and the book by Peter Jinks, noting his character is pretty much an ass (lol at calling him dog's bollocks ooh plus he's an actor who bothers to read the source material-triple bonus points for him!!). Jamie also has some great stuff to say about his director David Mackenzie and is so complimentary on actor Jamie Bell.

Here I thought I was gonna spend the weekend awash in booze sadness and hopeless ponderings and suddenly Poof-new stuff from my most favorite actor - Jamie goodness to save the day! Many thanks again! :)


  1. OMG this interview is SO WONDERFUL! :) Especially his dialect :))) I can't help smiling when I hear people talk like that :P, so I probably was RIGHT when I gave up the idea of doing my MA in Edinbrough LOL. I would never be able to WORK surrounded by Scotsmen :)))
    P.S. you know, our beloved T hasn't written a single word on IMDB since... you know... I don't know what to think! Was he BANNED? lol
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Though it's probably called "accent", not "dialect" LOL