Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot Pants Fizzle and Burn

AHA! Proof that Demi is not hip on the red hot pants...OK not a Sigma related post per say, but I had to comment on something I saw when settling in to watch SNL and I got more of a laugh then I bargained on. What am I blathering about? Several weeks ago there were those lamentable photos of a scene from David Mackenzie's Spread, where one of the female characters was seen teetering about on high heels and wearing a pair of skimpy red hot pant shorts.
Exhibit A: tacky red shorts used in scene for "Spread" filming in LA.

Big deal , who cares right? Well,what to my wondering fan girls eyes do I see, when last night when watching Ashton's opening monologue on SNL?? Demi randomly popping up and not happy, asking about a pair of

Exhibit B: red shorts/brief
Hahahaha spooky kooky coincidence?? I think not! ha!, yea I know but still , cracked me up....and yet further proof I've lost my mind ;))Goo ashton/demi/david :)) TV guide has a review of the show here and I admit I laughed at the sorta tacky Cougar Den skit-kudos to them and viva dating younger men lolol. Anyway, obviously this really had to do with the last time he memorably was on SNL of course, lol but still made me laugh :))

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