Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mister Foe Available for Download Via US iTunes

Hallam is on the move again lol as Mister Foe is now available via the US iTunes. If you are a Machead like me, it's nice to get the version for the iPod to say the least! Available via this link, you can rent it for $3.99 or purchase for $14.999. Or if you loathe iTunes, do not forget (and its been out for a while as reported earlier), you can watch it on demand via Amazon for $14.99 as well. No word when the film will be available for download on iTunes in the UK, Canada or beyond.

A Sigma Films production and directed by David Mackenzie, Mister Foe (originally Hallam Foe for it's UK and global release) was released in the theaters last fall, and has been out DVD since November. If you are just discovering the film, be sure to check out the original blog for the film, written by Colin Kennedy. Mister Foe stars Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Claire Forlani, Ciaran Hinds and Jamie Sives.

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