Sunday, January 18, 2009

A distributing deal in the works for "Spread?" (Updated)

As this weekend draws to a close, its Rumor rumor alert time! Variety is reporting that "Spread" reps said a deal was likely to close late Sunday." NO further info is available, but it surely would be great to say the least, if the film could land a distributor for here in the US /understatement.
UPDATE: Variety is reporting that possibly a deal is being made with Fox Searchlight. very sketchy indeed but fingers crossed. The Guardian reports that "Amongst others films in the crosshairs are Spread from Young Adam director David Mackenzie, which stars Ashton Kutcher as a morally bankrupt Los Angeles hustler who shags his way through the city until he meets his match. It's fun and very marketable, containing as it does numerous graphic sex scenes and some great one-liners. " Also Movie City News apparently had word on sales in the works earlier, and had this to say: Spread almost seemed too good to be true: a Sundance comedy with name actors (and nudity!) that seemed to live up to its commercial promise. Kutcher plays a wannabe gigolo with a variety of clients who seemingly meets his match (Anne Heche). The very indie director David Mackenzie (Young Adam) delivered a less-than-indie movie, and while Sundance purists could balk, in this economy it was cause for celebration. Any number of new distributors (Summit, Senator, Overture) looking for mainstream films on the cheap would be a good fit.

In other news, the LA Times has a new interview with Ashton about Spread, with the star speaking at the screening held this morning as well, asking "The big question is if you can feel sorry for this guy who was so unsympathetic earlier..."If you do, then we succeeded." He later was "asked if "Spread" represented a move away from comedy for him, Kutcher said not necessarily. "A lot of times [actors] are asked to do roles that are variations of a character they've done.... But sometimes to satiate an artistic appetite," you want to try something different.

"I'm not steering. The people who come to my movies steer my career," he said, adding that he wouldn't be content to make movies that don't get seen. "So if people support me in making bold choices, I'll keep making these kind of movies."

Before he left to attend the Inaugural festivities this week in DC (pleaase read more about the intent to serve effort Ashton is undertaking via MySpace here-more on that later), three cast members including Ashton took part in the now requisite portraits the Sundance film festival has each year as seen ---->


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