Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Town Killers To Screen at Dinard Festival in October, Update on DVD

A few quick updates today on Richard Jobson's "New Town Killers" starring Dougray Scott, Alastair Mackenzie and James Anthony Pearson. Mr. Jobson has updated his website with the news that the film will screen next month at the Dinard Film Festival which runs October8-11th in France. Readers will recall that Sigma's Hallam Foe was a big winner at Dinard previously in 2007 so lets hope this is a good sign for good luck with NTK! :)

On a related note, previously I had posted that New Town Killers was to be released on DVD October 19th. Last month I also posted about the synopsis and the pre-orders for the disc; today there is a small update regarding the additional behind the scenes features. The audio commentary includes the director of course but also Dougray, Al, James and Liz White. who knows if this is accurate but god willing we will actually hear from Al on the DVD! Also on the disc is the aforementioned behind-the-scenes feature called "New Town Killers-The Story" According to the BBFC, this feature will run 30 minutes and 45 seconds, and will include the following:

00:03:40:06 (THE PROPOSAL) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:21:11 (THE LIST GAME) (FILM CLIP)
00:01:16:19 (THE TUNNEL) (FILM CLIP)
00:03:11:16 (THE ROOF CHASE) (FILM CLIP)
You can learn more about the various pre-orders for the New Town Killers DVD at this link.

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